How to participate in Governance

April 15, 2021
August 17, 2022

This is meant to act as a proving ground for ideas that aren’t quite fully fleshed out yet, or to open a dialog with other users to debate the merits of implementing a change to Saffron Finance. This gives the community the chance to hash out and iterate towards a better vision of the initial idea. If a proposal is popular enough it then enters into a formal governance process, starting with the temperature check. Users are strongly encouraged to post their ideas here first before proceeding to Temperature Check, as we don’t want the Temperature Check category to be bogged down with excessive proposals that don’t reflect a significant amount of sentiment in the community.

This is the first stage where a formal vote takes place. Temperature checks have a duration of 2 days. During these 2 days, Discourse users vote on whether or not the proposal will serve as an overall benefit to the health and longevity of Saffron Finance. At this stage, voting is done on Discourse and if a vote succeeds it will be placed in a queue for the second stage, Consensus Check.

Consensus Check is the second and final voting stage that will use Saffron Finance’s snapshot page. Users will make a topic in the Consensus Check category and make any modifications to the original Temperature Check proposal here for the community to vote on. This final stage utilizes Snapshot -  a web application that users can connect their wallet and vote on the proposal. A Consensus Check vote carries significantly more weight than a temperature check, requiring users to vote with their SFI, and will last 5 days instead of 2. Every Consensus Check must include an option to “Make no change” or it will be disqualified. To prevent bogging down the system, only 3 active Consensus Checks may be active at any time. If your proposal passes the Temperature Check and there are already three active Consensus Checks, it will be placed in a queue for the next available slot. The result of the Consensus Check is carried out on-chain.

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