Introducing the Welcome Packet

November 24, 2021
August 17, 2022

Dingo walks us through Saffron Finance's newest initiative to onboard new holders of our native token, $SFI, and familiarize them with our protocol. If you've owned $SFI at any point in the last year, you'll have a copy of this sitting in your wallet. Going forward however, this will only be airdropped to new holders of SFI.

Hey guys, Dingo here. We’ve got a lot of great things in store for you guys in 2022. Like I alluded to in the last video - we’re going to be incorporating NFTs in some new ways that the industry hasn’t seen before.   You might have noticed a Saffron themed NFT airdropped into your wallet - in fact, anyone who is a past or present holder of SFI meets the criteria. Let me introduce you to the Welcome Packet:

Similar to how you would receive a pamphlet when signing up at a community center, this interactive NFT is meant to be a digital primer for new users joining our protocol. The information outlined in the welcome packet helps direct new users to various educational resources, our socials, and ways to learn more about Saffron and our community. This welcome packet will be periodically updated as we reach certain milestones. Thanks to our incredible dev team - as we move forward this will be automatically airdropped to new holders of $SFI.

As I said earlier, if you’ve owned $SFI at any point in the last year, you’ll have a copy of this sitting in your wallet. We used Polygon to distribute this airdrop to nearly thirty thousand users, so head on over to an ERC-1155 friendly platform such as and check your profile under the “hidden” tab to find your welcome packet.

This is just the beginning of some of the unique things we’ve got cooking under the helm that the industry hasn’t seen yet before. I can’t wait to start showing you what we’ll be working on next.

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