How to Stake SFI

March 31, 2021
August 17, 2022

Step 1: Navigate to Saffron Finance

Step 2: Select the SFI Staking pool.

Step 3: Deposit SFI, and watch earnings accrue in real time.

Hey guys, Dingo here with a quick explainer on how to stake your SFI. Now that V2 is here, we've massively simplified the process of staking your SFI, let's go ahead and take a look:

In order to stake your SFI, you'll need to navigate to the SFI Staking pool and expand it. Unlike joining a liquidity pool, all you'll need is SFI and a bit of Ether for gas fees. You'll simply select how much of your SFI you want to deposit, pay a gas fee to join the pool, and you'll be passively earning SFI until you decide to withdraw. With Saffron Staking V2 you won't have to withdraw and re-deposit your funds after every epoch, we've done away with epochs altogether.

After depositing your SFI, you'll see your earnings accrue in real time. In addition, you'll be able to boost your Saffron DAO voting power by 25% by staking your SFI, so if governance participation is your thing - it's definitely in your interest to stake your tokens.

That's all for today, thanks for joining us!

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