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It is our mission to enlighten you on the innovative technology of cryptocurrency, decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain, and everything in between! Throughout your journey at Saffron Academy, you will find Saffron Essentials - tutorials, updates, and newsletters regarding all things Saffron. Utilizing these resources, you can remain up to speed as our protocol continues to evolve! 

In addition to Saffron updates, we will be posting informative articles surrounding the DeFi ecosystem. The Saffron team was founded by long-time crypto and DeFi enthusiasts that are keenly aware of the complexity of decentralized finance. We immerse ourselves in various topics and simplify intricate concepts so you have a better understanding of the technology and market that surrounds it.

What is Saffron Finance? A risk adjustment protocol decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This decentralized application takes a risky underlying yield source and slices up its returns into different tranches: lower risk–lower yield, and higher risk–higher yield. It also provides insurance to the lower-risk tranche by offering a stablecoin as a backstop. This results in the transformation of yield from more risky assets into yield in a stablecoin or vice versa.

We function as a DAO meaning when using our decentralized application (dApp) and holding our native token ($SFI), you are not only a user but also a governance participant. This means that you have voting rights on decisions made surrounding the Saffron protocol - and we want to emulate this model through our Academy. We do this by developing articles on topics you want to read about; you call the shots! Our blog curator, Plum, can be reached via email 24/7. Email plum@saffron.finance with any questions or topics and we will be sure to address them.

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